CNG Sequential Reducer

CNG Sequential Reducer

Digifuel CNG reducer is a two stage pressure reducer for sequential injection which provides a constant outlet flow in all Environment conditions. The outlet pressure of Digifuel reducer is adjustable to obtain the best performance and is provided with an adjustable fitting that has also the connection for the pressure manometer. Digifuel reducer is passed by VCA, London as per ISO 15500-9 Digifuel is also sanctioned by ICAT, Manesar.

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Electronic Circuit Unit Model

Electronic Circuit Unit Model

ECU stands for electronic circuit unit which controls the fuel injection in the engine of the car. Petrol ECU is already fitted in car from the OEM’s (Original Engine Manufacturers). In CNG sequential system, the CNG ECU is synchronized with the petrol ECU to give the identical performance with both the fuels i.e. CNG and Petrol. ECU is the brain of entire CNG sequential system.

CNG Sequential Reducer

CNG Sequential Reducer

The injector rail in a CNG sequential system is meant to inject the controlled quantity of CNG fuel at specific intervals of time (as programmed in ECU). The programming is done in such a way that the petrol injectors and the CNG/LPG injectors perform identically.

Why Digifule

Located in Gurgaon with the branch in Delhi and have a dealer network across India. We are pioneers in CNG sequential kits with highly skilled and dynamic R&D team. The team comprises of Italian trained engineers having an experience of more than 10 years.

The Team

The team comprises of Italian trained engineers having an experience of more than 10 years.

Our R&D

Our R&D team had developed the best sequential system perfectly suitable for the Indian market. Our R&D team is in constant touch with the International CNG R&D teams for achieving perfection.


Digifuel kits are approved by ICAT Manesar for Euro IV OBD and are sanctioned by State Transport of Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, and Maharashtra.

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